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Quality Policy

We follow the best quality policy as per which we inspect sourced raw materials and also check strength, performance and structure of finished products. With this quality policy, we intend to provide cost-benefitting products of highest quality standards to customers. We also stay focused on improving the quality of our products by continuing research and development and strengthening our management system.

In the domestic market, we hold 70% (Approx.) share for manufacturing superior class winches of high performance and longer service life. We employ the best techniques to produce well-structured, energy-efficient, easy to use, compact and operationally fluent winches. We have advanced machines in producing different capacities of steel made, rust proof winches. 

Our History

January 1976

Founded our sales company with 3 Million of capital and sourcing manual winches from Goto Machinery Co., Ltd. At this time, Goki Ogushi was the Representative Director and President of the company.

October 1978

Manufacturing division of winches was separated from Goto Machinery Co., Ltd. And capital was increased to 13 million Yen. Tetsuo Goto was the Representative Director and Presidents of the company.

February 1980

Production of 5 models of manual winches in GM series (100kg-2,000kg), 3 tons of GM-30 type winch and GM-1L type and electric winches, specially for golf practicing started.

April 1980

First time in Japan labour-saving and lightweight winch GMH-210 was developed and delivered to Ministry of Education Mountaineering Training Institute, Tokyo Fire Department, Toyama Prefectural Police Headquarters, Shiga Prefecture Mountaineering Federation, and more.

August 1980

Started fabrication of manual winches GM-50 type (5,000 kg) and GM-100 type (10,000 kg) as well as special electric winches of up to 30 tonnes of capacity.

February 1983

Began production and supply of Manual Winches- 6 models (100kg-3,000kg) of MR series (ratchet handle mechanism type) as well as 5 models (100kg-2,000kg) of MC series (capstan drum type).

October 1983

Production of Electric winches like GME-800-GO and GME-1400-GO along with their centralized control systems.

November 1983

Began developing and serving GMT-1500 CQ wireless tower elevating winch.

March 1985

OCEANOGRAPHIC.REEL: MWS-35, a small winch for oceanographic observation equipment, is rust-proof, lightweight, compact, and has high performance. Suplied this winches to The Kumamoto University, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, Kansai Comprehensive Environmental Center Co., Ltd.  Hokkaido University, and etc.

January 1988

Tetsuo Goto became  Representative Director and Chairman and Senior Managing Director Iwao Takahashi becomes Representative Director and President of the company.

May 1988

Presented wind speed interlocking system. Also started supplying automated the elevating system.

March 1989

Began fabrication of Antarctic ice layer (shallow layer) drilling equipment for National Institute of Polar Research.

October 1989

Our device excavated 500m ice core after successful testing in the Arctic.

November 1989

Opened a new sales office in Naniwa-ku, Osaka.

June 1991

Founded Saitama Factory to introduce electric winch assembly in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture. Also introduced two automated welding equipment having shuttle table.

June 1992

Produced a rope winch SEA-M-400 for Ocean Research Institute of the University of Tokyo (Tansei Maru).

November 1992

Participation of National Institute of Polar Research in the famous Antarctic Ice Sheet Dome Deep Drilling Project (Dome Project).

April 1993

Electric endless winch EME-1300 started developing for driving range ball-proof net lifting device.

October 1993

Developed and manufactured the special electric winch MAW-1100 for Antarctic dome planning, ice sheet excavation equipment, cold resistance, and delivered it to the National Institute of Polar Research.

  • Capacity = 1,000 kg
  • Speed = 0.1m-49m / min
  • Cable = 7-core armored wire Φ7.72mm x 3,500m"

November 1993

Developed and manufactured the winch GME-120H which can be used both electric and manual  for the maintenance gondola of the Bay Bridge and delivered it to the Public highway corporation.

November 1995

The Icebreaker Shirase (Headed South Pole), 37th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition was equipped with electric winch MAW-1100.

June 1996

Began supplying reciprocating tow endless winch in various types like EME-700, EME-400 and EME-1300.

October 1996

Started producing BMW-201 to BMW-503, 12 models of parallel winches carrying built-in motors.

November 1996

Tetsuo Goto retired this month as Representative Director.

December 1996

Captain Fujii and The Antarctic Research Expedition reported successful deep ice sheet excavation of 2,500 m- Antarctic Dome Project in only one year and three months post starting of excavation.

January 1999

Goki Ogushi became Representative Director and President of company. Iwao Takahashi became  Representative Director and Chairman of the Board.

October 1999

Started making and delivering MWS-3000-TR-IV electric winch to Saitama Super Arena for artificial turf drawer.

February 2002

For effective cleaning of pipelines from the inside, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. Started developing special electric winch MWS-2500-TR-IV.

September 2002

Iwao Takahashi retired from Chairman and Representative Director to become a consultant..

October 2005

Winch EME-200-DSU were delivered for the 47th Antarctic Research Expedition, National Institute of Polar Research meant for Antarctic submarine thrust sound wave exploration device.

November 2006

Company got its new director, Koichi Ono.

June 2007

Started development and delivery of reciprocating traction type manual winch (Majorly for large wind turbines).

March 2008

Reciprocating towed hot-dip galvanized winches (Manual) started developed for application in large wind turbines.

September 2010

Goki Ogushi retired as Representative Director and President to become Chairman. Koichi Ono becomes Representative Director and President.

March 2012

Acquired CE certification for manufacturing winches at TRaC Global (United Kingdom).

September 2013

Max Pull Winch got adopted by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to support in promising export projects.

International sales department was established. Started exhibiting in Asian Countries.

Developed and supplied W drum manual reciprocating winch ME series.

March 2014

Successfully obtained ISO 9001:2008

October 2014

Developed the smallest electric reciprocating winch EMX-150 in the world. Also started supplying wireless control panel together with EMX-150 electric winch.

October 2015

Integration of Saitama Yashio factory / Yashio warehouse and The Tokyo head office.

Newly built Head Office / factory in Nagareyama Industrial Park in Chiba prefecture.

March 2016

Founded Maxpull USA, in Washington, USA And conclude the authorized distributor contracts with 10 companies in 8 countries including Asia and Europe.

May 2017

Made Maxpull manual winch, a RoHS directive compliant product.